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Benefits of Personal Training - less might be more!

Dogility Training Team offers Personal Training - fully customised for dog owners and their dogs anywhere around Helsinki, Vantaa, Järvenpää, Kerava, Sipoo and neighbouring areas. Training takes place in and around your home where your dog's behaviour matters most. Our Personal Training includes Obedience Training, Dog Manners, Problem Behaviours and Behavioural Modification.

Ten reasons why to start Personal Training

  1. Lessons are structured to suit the individual needs of you and your dog
  2. Everyone at home gets involved, from the youngest member of the family to the elderly.
  3. Appointments can be made to fit in around your schedule
  4. Dedicated one on one training or problem solving
  5. Both you and your dog learn at your own pace
  6. Some dogs are not suited to class situations due to fear, hyperactivity, aggression and etc
  7. Ideal for dogs with behavioural issues such as Separation Anxiety, House-Soiling, Resource Guarding etc that are beyond the scope of a general class curriculum
  8. Your dog can concentrate on learning in an environment he/she is comfortable in, with fewer distractions
  9. If dog is uncomfortable in a group training situation he will be unable to concentrate and learn
  10. Ideal if you want to speed up the learning process in your dog. Many students begin with private lessons and enrol in classes shortly thereafter.

Typical Problem Behaviours :

Training should be fun for both you and your dog. If your dog is having any of the above problem behaviours, it is advised to first obtain Personal Training session before socialising your dog with others. Pieni Koiruus only uses Positive Reinforcement Methods. Reward based training is an effective and easy way to follow methods based on the sound scientific principles of learning theory. Your dog will learn in a positive and nurturing environment. Contact us via email asiakaspalvelu@pienikoiruus.com or read more >>How can we help you?


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