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Pieni Koiruus - history behind the name


Years 2005-2008: Dog training school Pieni Koiruus (eng. "The Small Doghood") was established in the year 2005 to accommondate the needs of the dog owners in the Greater Helsinki area regardless to age, gender and previous
experience. With my business associate we wanted to bring dog training courses into the neighbourhood for everyone to enjoy and according to the possibilities, to other area as well. Our courses gained a great deal of positive attention and my funny course names soon became our trademark.

By 2006 our activity had increased to the extent that we felt pressure to expand our business and hire more people. From 2007 onwards we employed one full-time and three part-time employees. In the year 2007 Pieni Koiruus partnership firm was canceled and Pieni Koiruus Ltd. was initiated.

In 2008 our workload grew and the amount of courses increased immensely. The end of the year 2008 brought along some slightly sad news. Growth pains, differences in views about the future of the firm and expansion pressures were too big. Therefore me and my business partner took separate paths in February 2009.

Now and in the future: The name I gave to the very first company in 2005- Pieni Koiruus, represents me the value of willingness to work towards the wellfare of animals and humans and to respect our four-legged friends including my own dogs as well as each one of my students. Today the name Pieni Koiruus is returning to its roots to serve the dog owners by sharing knowledge, ideas and experience. A learning dog is a happy dog. And a happy dog makes his/her owner happy, too.

The current trend is represented by my new firm Dogility Training Team>>, which I've created alongside with Pieni Koiruus. It offers personal coaching and help in problematic situations. We emphasize quality and and personal approach instead of quantity and effectiveness. The prices of private training and courses are kept in the minimum so that everyone could achieve best possible training and coaching. The group sizes on our courses are small in order to have plenty of time for the teacher to help and guide his/her students.

Our aim is to motivate our customers to enjoy his/her dog hobby. Learning must be fun and rewarding not only to the dog but also to the owner too. Interest in dogs and their training is enjoying a huge boom, which can be noted in the increase of different training services across the country.

Pieni Koiruus training school´s strenght has always been versatile know-how and ability to train different stages from the beginner's level to the racing level. Our trainers are experts, specialized in more than one type of hobby assortment. They are actively developing themselves and generally positive-minded persons who care about the needs of you and your dog.

For further information you are welcome to contact us. Our email is asiakaspalvelu@pienikoiruus.com

With best regards,

Susanna Turtiainen,
Trading Name Pieni Koiruus and Dogility Training Team

Susanna Turtiainen
Pieni Koiruus 2016